Rhoam is a niche creative design and production studio for sports and lifestyle brands large and small who crave unique storytelling and art direction.

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We've been trusted to make creative for some of the biggest brands in the sport.

Our track record

Drew Hartman,
Running the Show
"Working with Rhoam can easily be described as efficient, attentive, and collaborative. When we met with them for our branding project, our loose ideas were transformed into a visual identity we could see and feel with a quick turnaround for our review before we took the project live. An added bonus is the way the team at Rhoam thinks beyond the scope of the project - they created assets that suited our needs, but also took our potential growth and additional verticals we may expand to as well."
Benjamin Weingart,
"Aisha and Katherine bring a thorough and thoughtful eye to their creative work. They are a dream to work with and always push their projects to the best they can be."
Mary Cain,
Atalanta NYC
"I had the pleasure of working with Aisha and Katherine to create the atalantanyc.org website. They really went above and beyond getting to understand our team and vision, which comes through in the unique and often-complimented branding on our site.
Molly Huddle,
Keeping Track Media
"We collaborated with Katherine on Keeping Tracks’s social media build out in 2021 and had great response from followers and supporters. It was a really creative, powerful visual made for us - I have worked with her on a few projects and it’s so exciting to see what she comes up with especially in areas like running or women's sports where she’s as passionate about the topic and message as we are. She’s a refreshing, talented and much needed perspective in sports marketing!"
NIL content creation with athletes? Media day package? Event Branding? Merchandising for your brand? ...???

We can help with that.
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Product Photo
Photo Retouching
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