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The Mission
HOKA wanted to combine creativity with running, and asked us to come up with a take away merch item, that also doubles as a personal fan experience.
To fill the brief, we pitched to create a button customization station as part of their brand activation at the 2023 USA Track and Field Championships.

We created over 50 custom designs for HOKA, many featuring the brand, memes and inside running community jokes, the HOKA athletes who are competing at USA's, and more. In addition, we brought the physical button machines to USA's to allow fans to create their own custom button out of anything and press it themselves to heighten the fan experience.

Popular items that were custom pressed into buttons were messages for loved one's competing at USA's, fan-art drawings, race bibs and mementos, and the summer issue of the New Gen magazine, which was also a HOKA partnership at the event.

The below images are from photographer Alison Markham, and are taken at the HOKA x New Gen block party. Which was one of the 5 HOKA events at USA's where Rhoam set up the button customization station.
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