wasn't built
in a day

Less than 1% of creative agencies are owned by women.

We want to change that.

Rhoam is founded by photographer Aisha McAdams and graphic designer Katherine Burgess.

We collectively have over a decade of experience creating and collaborating with top brands in the athletic and lifestyle community, often behind the scenes as the sole women on the project.

At Rhoam we're not a massive agency. We're a boutique design and production studio that specializes in helping clients in our field to tell unique stories and connect with their audiences.

And we believe in representation. So we often bring talented and trusted creatives onto our projects to foster a more diverse team that changes and shapes the storytelling and decision making.

We found Rhoam so that more marginalized voices, perspectives, and unique stories can be shared and heard, in a safe environment, through creative work with the brands that we partner with.

Rhoam wasn't built in a day, but it's about damn time.
Aisha McAdams
Aisha McAdams is an award-winning documentary photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She recently published We Appreciate Your Interest, However (2021).  Her work is driven by stories found within sport and recognized for its intimacy.
Katherine Burgess
Katherine Burgess is a graphic designer and creative director based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She loves track & field and women's sports. While other creator's treat these areas as "stepping stone" niches to work in to get theirselves onto positions with primetime sports clients, this is Katherine's dream job.

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