Rabbitwolf Creative
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Web Design and Rebranding
The Brief
Make this production agency look as good as they actually are
The team at Rabbitwolf Creative are the kind of people you can't help but to gush about to others behind closed doors - and on your own studio's website. Lead by Stephen and Ryan, RWC is a sport-specific photography & videography production agency that we ran into in the running world.

Back in late 2021 they were using a charming homemade logo and website, but wanted a brand refresh so that they can have an identity that matched the quality of work that they create. And match the feel of being the gritty, hardworking, and lovely people that they're known to be.
The goal for the original logo was to visually bring together the essence of the rabbit and the wolf. But it missed the mark in delivery and left the founders wanting a more polished solution that still held a lot of character.
The new logo brought together the clever, lovely rabbit and gritty, hardworking wolf in an emblem, playing off each other in a natural way (not that we've ever seen a rabbit riding a wolf's back in real life).

We made choices in the illustration style to help bring unique character to the animals, such as exaggerating the rabbit's ears and not giving it a mouth (that way, the rabbit is both emotionless and every emotion at the same time).  
More of our design work for this project can be found on their website, which we designed and rebuilt from scratch to help Rabbitwolf showcase their photo and video work.