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25 Stats On Why Workplaces Need to Embrace Diversity
Authors: Pamela Bump
"In a 2018 study of over 1,700 companies, organizations with a diverse leadership team had 19% higher revenue on average than companies with less diverse leaders....."
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Gender equality & inclusion report 2021
Source: International Olympic Committee
"Gender equality, notably in sport, is more than a cause. It is a human right, and it is a Fundamental Principle of Olympism which we, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)...."
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How to Navigate Pushback to DEI
Authors: Trisha Rai and Caitlin Dutkiewicz
"Denial is when employees don’t acknowledge the existence of structures like race, class or caste and ignore the resulting discrimination or bias. Employees who react with a denial response...."
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How Sharing Our Stories Builds Inclusion
Authors: Selena Rezvani and Stacey A. Gordon
"Newcomers prefer to hear stories from their peers rather than leaders. If that’s true, why do most inclusion programs leave so little space for peers to share their lived experiences...."
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Authors: Robert Baker & Craig Esherick
"The enormous power and reach of the media make it especially important to consider well the ethical standards to which the profession aspires on a daily basis...."
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About the Weary Weaponizing of White Women Tears
Source: Awesomely Luvvie
"This is great and challenging and I hope my fellow white women will read and actually LISTEN without getting defensive or self-justifying. No more comments from me until I go sit with this...."
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Why we need to tell diversity stories to achieve sustainable DEI success
Authors: Rustin Richburg
"We are focusing too much on formal DEI structures and systems—the strong suit and the comfort zone of any organization. We are not focusing enough...."
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How to Elevate DEI Work in Your Organization
Author: Stephanie Creary
"In comparison, women —women of color — and racial minorities more broadly have historically taken on the brunt of this work even though research suggests that they may be penalized for doing so....."
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